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Our vision is to expand our market share to the global market in the upcoming years. Health inflation will rise globally in the next few years. But we will strive to make it highly affordable and accessible in the domestic and international markets. Hence, we are committed to expanding our market size in the domestic market with the best and most affordable healthcare products.

Who We Are?

Access to Quality Medicines at Affordable cost is not about privileges but Right.

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At Jasgur Life Science We are dedicated to providing you with high-quality safe and efficacy medicines to our clients at affordable price. So that they do not have to think about buying a good medicine for their treatment.

Jasgur Life Science established in 2019. With our Professional Scientists and doctors team we always innovate high-quality medicines. And we do not stop here, we keep trying to make these medicines even more effective. We always invest a big amount to develop medicine, To provide all the necessary things and technology for our doctors and scientists team.

Jasgur Life Science is one of the best third-party allopathic medicine manufacturers and exporters distribute all forms of medicine like:- Tablets, Syrup, Injections, Capsules and Ointment. We are based in India. Jasgur Life Science led by Mr.Ravinder Singh Chalwa, who has 4 years experience in pharmaceutical industry. Mr. Ravinder Singh Chawla started this at young age and with this hard work and struggle he has taken his company to a good position.

He considered his patients as most important and fulfilled their need by providing them timely medicine when they needed it. And maintain good customer behavior and keep moving towards your destination with your team of better doctors and scientists.

We want to be the part of the happiness of all families by providing our medicine to all. We are connected with our clients from our starting and they we both are very happy to work each other they buy medicines with us in big quantity and with the trust of our patients, Cur patients and clients today we stand at this special post in pharmaceutical industry

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What Do We Offer?

Jasgur is a notable pharma organization situated in New Delhi, which branches its administrations as a top pharma exporter, a mass medication provider, and a top outsider pharma maker. Jasgur comprises of cutting edge innovatively driven and exceptional machines that make item bundling, item wellbeing and item conveyance simple.

We provide easy end-to-end accessibility of the medications to our consumers. Our team is always available in serving to the larger audience at any given time and type of health concern. Our core team of manufacturing unit is backed by the international regulatory standard approval. We intend to be the finest Indian pharma exporters and value-for-money providers of medicines to all.

Apart from the unique points mentioned above, there are numerous different factors why you will always choose us as your long-term best third party pharma manufacturers in India. We ensure to take environment-friendly steps by conducting proper sanitation.


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Certified Doctors

Have best team of doctors

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Best quality and affordable products

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Jasgur is a contract-based pharmaceutical company that provides comprehensive services from drug discovery through medication production to other organizations in the industry. A pharma contract manufacturing company offers a variety of services to the pharmaceutical corporations, including:

  • Pharmaceutical research and development
  • Manufacturing and commercialization of drugs
  • Compliance with FDA regulatory requirements shall be documented
  • Pre-formulation
  • Formulation of pharmaceuticals
  • Stability research, method development, and pre-clinical and Phase I clinical trials are all things that we do
  • Providing materials for late-stage clinical trials
  • Providing formal stability, scaling up, and batch registration

Hiring the best third-party pharma manufacturers in India is a great way to alleviate the worry and pressure that comes with the manufacturing process. It lowers manufacturing costs and ensures the order is completed with much-needed efficacy and on time.

A firm like ours that makes its things under its own name by other manufacturers is referred to as a third-party pharma manufacturing company in India. It’s an excellent technique to complete the production process, especially for small businesses in the early stages of development.

The primary distinction between generic and brand-name prescription medications is price. Generic producers, unlike brand-name corporations, compete directly on pricing, resulting in reduced costs for customers.

The Indian pharmaceutical market is the third largest. India has engraved a name for itself as a global industrial and research center. Generic drugs account for about 75% of the Indian pharmaceuticals business, while over-the-counter medicines and patented treatments account for 20% and 10%, respectively.

The most important aspect linked with generic medications is that they consist of the same chemical components as that branded and, the medications are very affordable to the poor and the middle class of the country, who may get easy access to them, without having to spend a bomb on any medical treatment or any costly branded medications which may or may not be within their budget.

Jasgur is at the forefront in the world of pharma as Indian pharma exporters when it comes to supplying a range of medications in India and worldwide that are most suitable, safe, qualified, tested, and developed to treat many health concerns that the citizens of India are experiencing.

Jasgur is a collaboration with top-notch contract research and manufacturing organization (CRAMS) in India. This helps Healing manage all end-to-end services as a supplier of medications. With the help of modern tools and technologies, the best medicines are packaged and supplied, and they display integrity in every aspect of the service offered. The transparent business model suppliers believe in us and take equal enthusiasm in delivering exceptional customer service.

Our team of experts leads the way by safeguarding premium quality products for distribution in the market. Proper care is taken when goods are shipped from one place to another. The packaging is efficient, and the temperature of the products is well maintained to suit the changing temperature outside of the warehouse.

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